The Reluctant Fundamentalist, chapter 2

I am in between both disliking the book and liking the book. My reasons for not liking the book so much, was because it was a little bit confusing and did not make much sense in the beginning. After reading chapter 2, I started to like the story, because it became a little bit more understanding and interesting. Also I feel like the author drops new hints for each chapter, so the more I read, the more the story makes sense to me.

Changez´s describing of the other ones in the group, was that they were more immature than him, for instance all they liked to talk about was being hangover and tanning at the beach. Even Erica thought they were immature, she even told Changez that he was very polite compared to the other people in the group. It almost seemed like Changez considered himself a “better” person than the other ones in the group.

What Changez told Erica about Pakistan was that Pakistan was many things, from seaside to desert to farmland stretched between rivers and canals. He also mentioned that alcohol for muslims in Pakistan was illegal so he had a Christian bootlegger who delivered booze to his house.

I believe he said that he wanted to be the dictator of an Islamic republic because that is how many people stereotypes muslims like him with long beards and so on. I think he was being self ironic, but at the same time, the thought hit me that it was partly a truth behind his words. The audience did not like the joke and their reaction was silence, while Erica gave Changez a smile.


Justin Trudeau´s speech to the Assembly of First Nations

In Trudeau´s speech, he talks about how to improve the relationship between Canadians and the First nations. He talks about how important it is for him to create a better relationship between the two groups , and that the government will assure better protection for indigenous women and girls.


He also mentions that the government will improve the educational system and make the First Nation children feel more included in school. During the speech, Trudeau said that almost 2000 students started the school year in six brand-new schools. There are now 31 new schools under construction on reserve. Another 27 are being designed, and a further 72 are in feasibility studies. Wether if he has kept is promises is another side of the story. In an interview with the Reuters four months ago, Trudeau admitted Canada has failed its First nation and not kept their promises.  Pamela Palmater, an indigenous lawyer and professor, addressed that she would rather see action than just a speech, and feels like the government does not keep any of their promises. In the speech, Trudeau promised a better access to safe drinking water to indigenous communities, but according to Pamela Palmater, many aboriginal communities do not have access to safe drinking water, and suicides have plagued several isolated communities.


In the speech, Trudeau promised to create a better protection for indigenous women and girls. Two years in, many say he is not doing enough to help indigenous Canadians, who make up about 4 percent of the population and face higher levels of poverty and violence and shorter life expectancies. Canada’s national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women has been hit by resignations and complaints it is progressing too slowly. As most people have experienced, Trudeau is more like a “Media cutie”. By that they mean that he is very charming and handsome, but does not achieve anything political and does not keep is promises. The result of this speech proves the people right and that he actually is a “media cutie”.



“Trudeau confronts Canada’s failure of indigenous people in U.N. speech” by Reuters staff, date; 21.09.2017


David Cameron´s speech about multiculturalism and terrorism

The speech by David Cameron was well presented and with some great points, in my opinion. He made himself very clear, and spoke in an understandable way. He also barely mentions examples on previous terrorist attacks and incidents. He focuses on the positive part, by repeatedly mentioning how an included society could help prevent terrorism, because he believes no one is born a terrorist. This is a device to make the listeners stay optimistic and more open-minded to a multicultural society rather than focusing on hating and accusing Muslims.

He started out by pulling a joke and then moved on to presenting his speech and the subject. I think he pulled the joke to “break the ice” or “relieve the tension”. After the joke, he got serious and started talking about the problematic issue around terrorism, and mentions the importance of security, defense spending and military budget in the UK.

In the speech, Cameron makes it very clear that he thinks it is wrong to accuse Muslims for terrorist attacks and hate Muslims. He thinks it is extremely important to divide Islam, a peaceful religion, from extremism, a perverted form of Islam.  Terrorism is a political ideology and not a religion. Cameron also mentioned that some people believe the reason behind terrorism is Muslim, and getting rid for the Muslims would end terrorism, while others believe poverty is the reason why people preforms terrorist attacks, and ending poverty would solve the problem.


Cameron also talked about how he believes that not feeling included in the society or extreme religions that allow forced marriage for example, could trigger young Muslim boys to convert to extremism and perform terrorism. This is one of the reasons why he is fighting for a better and more included society and more liberalism. He believes liberalism could help people feel like they actually belong in the society they live in and that it will build pride so they can proudly say “Yes I am a Muslim” or “Yes I am a Jew” or “Yes I am a Christian” without any fear. Cameron have faith in that with a lot of stamina and patience we will face this challenge that we cannot avoid.


“Non-violent extremists are just as dangerous as violent ones”

I both agree and disagree on this statement. A non-violent extremist still has the same thoughts, opinions and intentions as a violent one. Even though he is non-violent, you could never know for sure, suddenly he also wants to perform a terrorist attack, you never know for certain. No matter if the extremist is violent or not, it is still very frightening knowing there are people out there with these insane opinions willing to sacrifice themselves to their God, and do whatever that would take, even though it would hurt a thousand of people. On the other hand, it does feel less scary when the person is non-violent rather than violent. It is extreme what the violent extremist would do for their God, just killing innocent people in terrible ways, it is awful. My conclusion is that both non-violent and violent extremists are very dangerous, but the violent extremist are a bit more dangerous considering they actually kill innocent people.

Gran Torino

During this semester we have been working a lot with multiculturalism. My favorite among all the different texts and films we have been working with, must be the film Gran Torini. The reason why is, because the message of the film was very important and the film in general was very interesting. The fact that the main character, Walt, went from being an old man and being prejudice towards other cultures.


The film about this old, grumpy man, Walt. He is very lonely, because his wife died and he did not have a close relationship with his sons. Most of the Americans in his neighborhood have moved, and contains many different cultures now. He loves his house and refuse to move, and he is very upset with having neighbors without an American background. A Vietnames family lives text door. Their son, Toad, is actually a very proper boy, but he is being bossed around by his cousin and his gang. The gang forces Toad to try to steal Walt´s precious car, the Gran Torino, but gets caught by Walt. Because of this, Toad´s family wants to make up for Toad´s mistake by handing over gifts to Walt, they also give Walt Toad for his service and to do chores for Walt for a week. Walt is, as mentioned, skeptical towards other cultures and do not like Toad and his family. Eventually Walt starts liking them and changes is mind about being against multiculturalism.  By the end of the film, Toad and his sister get beaten up by the gang. This makes Walt very angry and he decides to save Toad, by sacrificing himself to the gang, and the gang kills Walt. When he dies, he leaves is Gran Torino to Toad.


This film taught me more about multiculturalism and how easily you can make people that has prejudices towards other cultures can make up their mind. I believe that no one is actually discriminating, and that everyone could make up their mind if they just get to know other cultures. Like Walt, he hated other cultures, but as soon as he got to know Toad and his family, he changed his mind and stood up for his family when different gangs were bullying them. This film demonstrates how nice a multicultural society could be if you give it a shot. The movie was amazing and contained both action and emotinal moments, I definitely recommend this movie for everyone to see, maybe it could help people with prejudices make up their mind.


The #MeToo campaign is about women all over the world gathering to stand up against sexual harassments and discrimination towards women. I also heard about all the celebrity women, like Taylor Swift and Ashley Judd, speaking up about being sexually insulted by the celebrity film-producer, Harvey Weinstein.

“Afghan women are not safe even in their own homes”. This quote caught my attention, because it is devastating to see that in some parts of the word, sexually harassments are the least of their problem, they have to worry about not being killed. In Afghanistan, for example, they are not even same in their own homes and not only fearing stranger men, but also the men in their family, like their own fathers or uncles.

I have learned more about the seriousness of the lack of safety among women. It is sad how we here in Norway only have to fear hearing uncomfortable, sexually insulting comments from men, while women in Afghanistan fear their own life. Even here in Norway equality is not a 100%, most young boys have not learned about equality and are harassing women, by for example saying girls can not play football. I think we should educate both boys and girls from a young age the importance of equality and show that it is wrong to not treat women equally.

Film analyze Gran Torini


The film-poster I am going to analyze is the front of the film “Gran Torino”. It is a picture of a tall, white, middle-aged man holding a large gun. It is a car behind him. The background-color is black.

The movie title is, as mentioned, “Gran Torino”. It is prominently featured with contrasts, the background is for example all black and dark, while the title is written with an orange color. The title is also written with big letters and captures your attention imminently. The scary concept of the poster being very dark and a man holding a gun, makes it seem very exciting and makes you wanting to watch the film.

The man on the poster is the main actor. The creators uses this an instrument to make you interest. Even though everything in the poster black-colored except the title, you can clearly spot the man. There are lights pointing at him which makes him appear better. This shows us very clearly that he is the main actor in the film.


Because of the use of colors on the poster and that the man is holding a gun, you can tell this is an action-movie. Out of the colors it seems like it is a gloomy mood, and also because the man on the poster has a serious face expression.  These are the reason why the film gives the impression of  being an action movie.

Free for all & My son the fanatic

“Free for all” and “My son the fanatic” are two similar stories, but still very different. I would say main message is the same, but with two different scenarios. I believe that the main message of these to stories are multiculturalism. I will later on mention the reason why I believe that.


“Free for all” is about an immigrated family living in the United States. The father of the family is Dr. Naqvi. He is a successful physician and very rich. He cares a lot about raising his son to become either a successful doctor or an engineer. His son, would rather play his guitar and become a musician, he also has long hair and likes to wear stonewashed and discoloured jeans. So he is basically the complete opposite from how his father wants him to behave, look and which interests he should have. This makes his father very mad and he decides to talk to his son about it, but with no luck. This causes him to become even more mad, so he smack his sons face. Then his son called the police and caused Dr. Naqvi a lot of trouble. There for he eventually tries to teach his son a lesson. He travels with his family to his hometown, Karachi, and once they arrive and step out of the airplane he beats his son up. Obviously his son calls for the security to help him, but the security tells the son to listen to his father, if not he will kill him, and that is how the story ends.


The other story “My son the fanatic” is about another immigrated family that lives in England. The father of this family, Parvez, is a taxi-driver. His son Ali used to be a smart and successful boy. He had many friends and a english girlfriend. He did very well in school and had many hobbies. One day Parvez noticed that his son started to act differently. He suddenly emptied his rom and sold all his stuff. He also broke up with his girlfriend and ditched his friends. Eventually he also dropped out of school. This worried Parvez a lot and he decided to sit down and have a confession with Ali. Ali tells him that he has become a muslim and believes that is the only right direction in life. Parvez wants to be as English as possible and becomes really mad when his son convert to Islam. The story ends with Parvez being so annoyed that he decides to hit Ali.


As I mentioned these two stories are very similar. Both father-son relationships are horrible. Both sons struggles with being accepted by their fathers for their identities. Both fathers tries to change their sons through out the two stories. They would not let their sons be themselves and tries to control their lives. Both fathers have high expectations for their sons and have basically already planned out their lives. For instance, both of the fathers tell them what education they need to take to become as successful as possible. In both stories the fathers loses control eventually and beat their sons. The reason why I believe the message of this story is multiculturalism is because even thought both families are immigrants, they are still critical to all the different cultures except english, especially Parvez. For instance, Parvez told his son Ali that he had to act as english as possible and were not allowed to become a muslim.  It is very shocking to me that even people coming from other cultures are critical to accept other cultures is the country they are living in. I was not aware of how big this issue is. No wonder this is not a peaceful world when barely no one can accept other cultures, it is terrifying.