American History X

The film made me feel both angry and sad. I was provoked by the racist attitude the characters in the film had. I feel this way, because it upsets me to see how unfair Derek and his friends treated black people, and how easily both the black and the white gangs would kill people. During the film I thought about the lack of justice among the people. The fact that the white people loved Hitler made me very mad, it brought up terrible memories from documentaries and films I have seen about Holocaust when Hitler killed so many innocent jews.

Rasism is still a huge issue in many parts of the world. In the US, people still experience racism and discrimination. Luckily it is not as bad as it was in the film today, but still some white people treat black people like they are trash. For instance, US recently had the campaign Black lives matters, because the American police often blame black people for all the crime in the US and often shoot or use violence on innocent black people.

In the film, we can see that Derek’s hate towards black people, gave him huge consequences. What we learn in this film is that hating someone is just a waste of time. Hate and violence are never the solution, and it only leads to negative actions. I think this movie is important to watch, because there are still people like Derek and his friends,in this world, that supports Hitler and KKK. I think this movie could learn these people that hating and killing is a waste of their time, because the world is always moving towards justice, so these people would never prove a point by killing and hating different cultures and races.



Fatou is a migrant from Africa. She immigrated to London where she started working for the Derawal family. She thought she was going to work as a housekeeper, take care of their children and run errands. The Derawal family was not as expected. From reading the story, I would say that she is basically their slave. They have her money and her passport so she can not escape. The family, especially the children, are being racists towards Fatou, and the parents in the family are being violent towards her. Even though she is allowed to walk in public alone and go shopping, she still is under their control. For instance you can compare it with the afro-American slaves. They were allowed to run errands and go to the store, but they still had to go back, just like Fatou. I think rich and wealthy countries, such as Britain and Norway, take advantage of migrants from poor countries, because it is a cheap workforce. For example, in Norway, we hire workers from Poland to paint our house for a cheap price. I think this is the reason why the British family hired Fatou instead of a British girl. The statistics shows that 73,4% of migrants that works as slaves or for sex are women. 11,5 million migrants are domestic workers just like Fatou. Fatou’s story confirms that these statistics are relevant. What shocked me the most was that I thought the statistics only included poor countries, because no way rich and wealthy countries treat migrants bad. But I was wrong, Fatou’s story showed that these numbers are relevant for us living in wealthy countries like Norway. It is truly devastating reading about how migrants are being treated.

Migration and working abroad

1. This clip is produced by NPR.

2. They interviewed people in the street, a student.

3. This clip was made in July 24th in 2016.

4. The clip was made after Brexit

5. The man’ employment status was unemployed.

6. Some pull factors are that you can earn more money, and also that they can experience other cultures and learn a new language. Some push factores are that if the culture is different and the language is new, you could feel excluded and lonely. Also being a foreign in a country minimizes the opportunity to get a job in the country.

7. Hard for migrants to establish a life there. It became more difficult socially after Brexit.

Task 8

a) English is an official language in Nigeria, because Nigeria is a former English colony.

b) The American roommate’s story of Nigeria was that Nigeria was a country of poverty and a non ability of speaking English. She also thought that the music they listen to in Nigeria, was only typical African music and not artists like Mariah Carey. The other story that would have created a balanced view would be to see Nigeria as a country where the inhabitants are similar to Americans in some ways, and people with feelings that are more complex than pity.

c) Americans have this view of Africans, because the most popular images from Africa and different stories, mainly include poverty. This is the image Americans have learned to believe about Africa.

d) What she means by saying this is that, stories have the power to convince the reader to believe the story. For instance how she was convinced that stories could only include white people as the characters, because she only had access to..

Personal statement, Aurora

Even before I had any clue about what I wanted to do in life, I knew for sure that I wanted to study abroad after high school. Living and studying in either the US or England has always been my dream. When I was in elementary school, I was certain that I wanted to became a lawyer, but now that I´m older and more aware of all the different directions and jobs you could choose from, I feel more confused. I study marketing in high school and find that very interesting. I´m actually considering to immerse myself into marketing. But I am also considering becoming a nurse, because it seems nice to help people and being a nurse is a safe job to choose, you are literally insured to have a job if you educate to become a nurse. The options are endless.


In my free time, I really love to hang out with family and friends, or I work out. I also love helping other people, for instance I clean the house for my parents every week, and also help my grandma once in a while. A while ago I visited a retirement home and hung out with the older people there, I played boardgames with them and kept them company to bring more joy into their lives. I am very hardworking and work evenly with school work. Besides school and working out, I have a job. I work at Specsavers, which is an optician and glass-store. When I am working, I always help people, which I love, I help them fix their glasses or find them new glasses.


Some of the people that I admire in my life is my parents. Both of my parents are hardworking and have great jobs. Seeing the involvement they put into their job, makes me inspired to work hard and accomplish great things, just like they. They have always supported me no matter how bad or good a test has gone, and they have motived me to work hard to accomplish the grades I want.




I looked at the topic abortion.

The conservatives had articles about the moral sides with abortion, and teenagers demonstrating for all the life gone lost from abortion. Their articles including people´s opinion on abortion counting as killing a human. The liberal post was about that they believe the real issue behind abortion is money. They wrote about that they believe so many people go trough abortion, because they cannot afford to keep the baby. So poverty is the real problem, according to their articles.

Yes, in one of the articles from the conservatives side, even though the topic was abortion, a guy hated on teenagers, saying they were lazy and dumb. The reason why that made me feel offended, because the reason why he hated on teenagers were because they demonstrated against such as gun violence instead of abortion. I agree that abortion is a serious issue, but this issue is relevant for all age groups, so I think it is wrong to attack teenagers and assuming teenagers are dumb and lazy.

I think you should be allowed to post your opinion, because everyone cannot always agree, so even though your opinions are wrong to someone else, that does not mean that you are not allowed to express your meanings. I do believe there are limits, if you are positive to such as nazi and isis, or something that assault someone, you should not be allowed to write that on the internet without some sort of punishment.

I mostly agree with the liberal side, because I also think that money and poverty is a big reason for the issue around abortion. The best argument the conservative side used was on their article about babies with down syndrome being aborted. I agree that it is wrong to remove a child just because it has disabilities. I agree that abortion on babies with down syndrome should be banned. Reading this article makes me understand their side better with the morales of abortion wether it is wrong or right to kill a life.


Sources               19.03.18