Fatou is a migrant from Africa. She immigrated to London where she started working for the Derawal family. She thought she was going to work as a housekeeper, take care of their children and run errands. The Derawal family was not as expected. From reading the story, I would say that she is basically their slave. They have her money and her passport so she can not escape. The family, especially the children, are being racists towards Fatou, and the parents in the family are being violent towards her. Even though she is allowed to walk in public alone and go shopping, she still is under their control. For instance you can compare it with the afro-American slaves. They were allowed to run errands and go to the store, but they still had to go back, just like Fatou. I think rich and wealthy countries, such as Britain and Norway, take advantage of migrants from poor countries, because it is a cheap workforce. For example, in Norway, we hire workers from Poland to paint our house for a cheap price. I think this is the reason why the British family hired Fatou instead of a British girl. The statistics shows that 73,4% of migrants that works as slaves or for sex are women. 11,5 million migrants are domestic workers just like Fatou. Fatou’s story confirms that these statistics are relevant. What shocked me the most was that I thought the statistics only included poor countries, because no way rich and wealthy countries treat migrants bad. But I was wrong, Fatou’s story showed that these numbers are relevant for us living in wealthy countries like Norway. It is truly devastating reading about how migrants are being treated.


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