Task 8

a) English is an official language in Nigeria, because Nigeria is a former English colony.

b) The American roommate’s story of Nigeria was that Nigeria was a country of poverty and a non ability of speaking English. She also thought that the music they listen to in Nigeria, was only typical African music and not artists like Mariah Carey. The other story that would have created a balanced view would be to see Nigeria as a country where the inhabitants are similar to Americans in some ways, and people with feelings that are more complex than pity.

c) Americans have this view of Africans, because the most popular images from Africa and different stories, mainly include poverty. This is the image Americans have learned to believe about Africa.

d) What she means by saying this is that, stories have the power to convince the reader to believe the story. For instance how she was convinced that stories could only include white people as the characters, because she only had access to..


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