American History X

The film made me feel both angry and sad. I was provoked by the racist attitude the characters in the film had. I feel this way, because it upsets me to see how unfair Derek and his friends treated black people, and how easily both the black and the white gangs would kill people. During the film I thought about the lack of justice among the people. The fact that the white people loved Hitler made me very mad, it brought up terrible memories from documentaries and films I have seen about Holocaust when Hitler killed so many innocent jews.

Rasism is still a huge issue in many parts of the world. In the US, people still experience racism and discrimination. Luckily it is not as bad as it was in the film today, but still some white people treat black people like they are trash. For instance, US recently had the campaign Black lives matters, because the American police often blame black people for all the crime in the US and often shoot or use violence on innocent black people.

In the film, we can see that Derek’s hate towards black people, gave him huge consequences. What we learn in this film is that hating someone is just a waste of time. Hate and violence are never the solution, and it only leads to negative actions. I think this movie is important to watch, because there are still people like Derek and his friends,in this world, that supports Hitler and KKK. I think this movie could learn these people that hating and killing is a waste of their time, because the world is always moving towards justice, so these people would never prove a point by killing and hating different cultures and races.


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