Hills like white elephants

The story takes place in a cafe in a train-station in Barcelona. It was described as a very hot day. The setting is not a very important part of the plot.

I believe the story took place years earlier, considering the girl was so afraid to go through with the abortion, I believe this story took place during the time where abortion was very dangerous with a risk of dying. The time the story takes place effect the social circumstances in the short story, because of the way she acts around abortion and the fear she is facing.

There are two main characters in the story, a girl and a man that are dating. The author described the characters throw their thoughts and feelings. Throughout the story both of the characters remain flat characters.
The most important part of the story is when they start discussing the abortion. I feel like the structure in the story is chronological. The narrator in the story is the author, but still we hear the characters thoughts.


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