The Globe

The Globe is an amazing building, that were built in London in 1599. It is the former Shakespear theatre, and looks almost exactly like it did when Shakespear were alive. The theatre were round shaped, in the middle of the building there is a big stage. The stage is surrounded by several floors with stands for the audience. The theatre can room around 3000 people.


In 1613 the theatre sadly burned down during a performance, but were rebuild one year after the accident. Even though the theatre were rebuild then, they did not start having performances again until 1642. Eventually the Puritans forbid performances, therefor the theatre was demolished in 1644. In 1989 some of the foundations were discovered and used for tourist-purposes, still there are many undiscovered foundations. A man named Sam Wanamaker, an actress and Shakespear-entusiast, decided to rebuild the Globe in 1969. After years of trying to rebuild the theatre as exact as the original building as possible, the Globe was finally done in 1997. Today The Globe is a great tourist attraction in London. They show performances from Shakespear-plays and have many visitors every day.


Smidt, Kristian, Published 24.11.11, read 19.09.18

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