Personal statement, Aurora

Even before I had any clue about what I wanted to do in life, I knew for sure that I wanted to study abroad after high school. Living and studying in either the US or England has always been my dream. When I was in elementary school, I was certain that I wanted to became a lawyer, but now that I´m older and more aware of all the different directions and jobs you could choose from, I feel more confused. I study marketing in high school and find that very interesting. I´m actually considering to immerse myself into marketing. But I am also considering becoming a nurse, because it seems nice to help people and being a nurse is a safe job to choose, you are literally insured to have a job if you educate to become a nurse. The options are endless.


In my free time, I really love to hang out with family and friends, or I work out. I also love helping other people, for instance I clean the house for my parents every week, and also help my grandma once in a while. A while ago I visited a retirement home and hung out with the older people there, I played boardgames with them and kept them company to bring more joy into their lives. I am very hardworking and work evenly with school work. Besides school and working out, I have a job. I work at Specsavers, which is an optician and glass-store. When I am working, I always help people, which I love, I help them fix their glasses or find them new glasses.


Some of the people that I admire in my life is my parents. Both of my parents are hardworking and have great jobs. Seeing the involvement they put into their job, makes me inspired to work hard and accomplish great things, just like they. They have always supported me no matter how bad or good a test has gone, and they have motived me to work hard to accomplish the grades I want.





I looked at the topic abortion.

The conservatives had articles about the moral sides with abortion, and teenagers demonstrating for all the life gone lost from abortion. Their articles including people´s opinion on abortion counting as killing a human. The liberal post was about that they believe the real issue behind abortion is money. They wrote about that they believe so many people go trough abortion, because they cannot afford to keep the baby. So poverty is the real problem, according to their articles.

Yes, in one of the articles from the conservatives side, even though the topic was abortion, a guy hated on teenagers, saying they were lazy and dumb. The reason why that made me feel offended, because the reason why he hated on teenagers were because they demonstrated against such as gun violence instead of abortion. I agree that abortion is a serious issue, but this issue is relevant for all age groups, so I think it is wrong to attack teenagers and assuming teenagers are dumb and lazy.

I think you should be allowed to post your opinion, because everyone cannot always agree, so even though your opinions are wrong to someone else, that does not mean that you are not allowed to express your meanings. I do believe there are limits, if you are positive to such as nazi and isis, or something that assault someone, you should not be allowed to write that on the internet without some sort of punishment.

I mostly agree with the liberal side, because I also think that money and poverty is a big reason for the issue around abortion. The best argument the conservative side used was on their article about babies with down syndrome being aborted. I agree that it is wrong to remove a child just because it has disabilities. I agree that abortion on babies with down syndrome should be banned. Reading this article makes me understand their side better with the morales of abortion wether it is wrong or right to kill a life.


Sources               19.03.18



I would say the protagonists in this story are the journalists from Spotlight. They spent     a big amount of time digging into all the information they could possibly find and tried very hard to expose as many priests as possible. It also felt like they did not just investigate this case to achieve more readers and to earn fame, but to take down those creepy priests and make church safe for children, this was not just another case for the journalists, but they actually did care for the victims. The antagonists in this story were many people, to me, church, lawyers and even the police were antagonists. I believe so because they, at least most of them, tried to hide the case from the world and kept the rapes and abuses secret. For instance, almost all the guilty priests were just replaced to another church instead of being exposed at sent to jail like they should.


The main conflict in the story is that this big issue, a hundred of priests abusing children, being of the records and non of the priests being exposed and given the punishment they deserve. When the newspaper “Boston Globe” hires a new boss, he decides that it is time that someone writes about this big issue to expose the guilty priests. The “Spotlight”-team gets on with the case and starts to investigate. The more they dig into the case, the more unexposed priests they find, eventually more than a hundred guilty priests. When the team realize how much bigger the issue was, they really put all their energy into helping the victims they have found and expose those disgusting priests. Towards the end they manage to publish their article are reveal the priests to the world.


I have learned a few stuff from watching the film. First of all, I learned how munch time, effort and energy it takes to write a case, I have always thought that it takes the newspapers maximum a week, but it could actually take several months, even years. I also was not aware of that they investigated so deeply and needed several countable sources to be able to publish their case, I honestly thought that they were free to write what ever they want to and are able to lie or exaggerate to make their cases more interesting. This was a very interesting and learning film, I learned a few new stuff about journalism and how messed up some of the services in the community like the church and the police and lawyers, could be.



Investigative Journalism

Comprehension and Discussion

  1. I would define “investigative journalism” a type of journalism when the journalist really investigates and dig deeply into finding information for a case they are writing. That they do a lot of research and tries to get the juiciest information from the celebrity or who ever they interview, like the journalists we learn about in the text, they have different smart techniques to get as much information out of the case their writing about as possible.
  2. I think it is accepted that journalist keep their sources secret, because sometimes journalists exaggerate to make their case seem more interesting and be able to create a debate, and if they had to tell their sources it would be easy for the readers to find out wether their writing truthfully or not and how trustable their sources actually are.
  3. The Watergate-affair is a good example of the power of investigative journalism, because it shows how easily the best journalists can gather information and also make drama. As in the Watergate-affair, the journalists managed to get the President Nixon in big trouble. This shows how much power the journalist have, they are free to write almost what ever they want without giving up their sources, and if their skilled enough they can manage to get the readers to people everything they write even when it is not the complete truth.
  4. I have not seen a Michael Moore film.
  5. These investigating journalists have been threatened, because they stretch the limits to get as much information as possible and sometimes disrespects others privacy to achieve the information, they also write untruthfully about people sometimes and creates drama, which will make the person in question upset and mad at the journalists.
  6. I would say investigating journalists are objective, because they do not have compassion for anyone and do not care about who’s privacy they invade or who’s life they ruing to get the information they are looking for.



  1. I would define the word “approach” in this context as different methods and preferences the journalists we learn about use when they do journalism.
  2. The case grew into slanderous expanses.
  3. What happens when your are “sued” is that you institute a process in law against someone, bring a civil action against them.
  4. To live “incognito” means having one´s identity concealed, as under an assumed name. It is often to avoid notice or formal attention.

Gun shooting in Florida

Look at the headlines of those articles revolving the Florida school shooting and the protests and fight for gun control it has lead to – what are the various media focuing on? Do any of them focus on similar topics, or do they all vary?

I could not find many headlines including the gun control discussing in Florida in the headlines in any of the different media. I could understand why the non American medias did not include the topic considering it is not about their country, and Australia for instance has been down this road before so they have probably “had their headline” discussing this topic. It was weird to me that I could not find much about the gun shooting in the big medias like LA times, The Guardian or CNN. They did include small headlines, but they were barley noticeable. The reason for this is, in my opinion, because people are losing interest for the topic because it is slowly becoming old news.


The different medias focused on different parts of the gun shooting. CNN focused on Trump and his opinions about the terrible incident, while LA times focuses on the negative sides with allowing people to have guns and that stronger gun laws would save life. The Guardians uses the opportunity to criticize Trump, because he has shifted the peoples focus towards immigrants and muslims as threats. BBC wrote about how the Florida shooting many other schools are getting threats and many students making jokes about school shooting.



Homework, chapter 10

  • a conflict between Changez and the American

The American seems skeptical towards Changez, and Changez says he can sense on the American´s expression that he thinks something is amiss. Then Changez tells him that he cannot be sure whether all the stories he has told the American are true or false. Changez also becomes suspicious, because he notices a bulge under the American´s suit, in the same place where undercover agents conceal their gun. Then the American changes his position, and Changez assures him that he can stay calm.

  • a conflict between Changez and the United States

Changez becomes more and more annoyed at the United States. He tells the American that America, though it could have told India not to attack Pakistan, an American ally, pursued a policy of neutrality that allowed India to devastate Pakistan. Changez is mad at America for not helping Pakistan enough in the war they are in.

  • a conflict between Changez and his workplace (Underwood Samson)

Changez begins to fall behind on his work. His supervisor angrily tells him to improve his work, and Changez replies that he will. Nevertheless, Changez finds it impossible to concentrate on work when there are so many emotional and political distractions. Changez quits the job and goes back to America. India is attacking Pakistan, possibly with America’s help.

  • an inner conflict between Changez and himself

Changez is mad at himself. He feels selfish for leaving his family in Lahore while he is living a great life in United States. He is mad at himself for leaving his family in the war in Lahore, when their house is falling apart, while he is living a safe life in Chile and United States. He thinks of Erica, and realizes that he may have failed to make her love him because he lacks a “core,” since he has split his attention between Pakistan and New York. He realizes that he was willing to pretend to be Chris because he pretends to be many different things in America.


“Have you hear of the janissaries? “No,” I said. “They were Christian boys,” he explained, “captured by the Ottomans and trained to be soldiers in a Muslim army, at that time the greatest army in the world. they were ferocious and utterly loyal: they had fought to erase their own civilizations, so they had nothing else to turn to.”

This quote is a description of someone Changez reminds Juan-Bautista of. What I think Juan-Bautista means is that Changez is a stubborn person that itches to reach his goals. And Changez is also very alike the janissaries, because he was during into an American just like the janissaries were Christians, but eventually after 9/11 and when the war started in Lahore, Changez became less of an American and more a Muslim again, just like the janissaries turned into Muslims. The janissaries created an army and were strong, and Changez seems like he is against America and wants to fight Americans.

“There really could be no doubt: I was a modern-day janissary, a servant of the American empire at a time when it was invading a country with a kinship to mine and was perhaps even colluding to ensure that my own country faced the threat of war.”

Changez is mad at America for not helping his country during the war. He is also mad because it seems like America is helping India in the war, and not Pakistan, his country. He feels helpless as his country is falling apart while he is living in one of the enemies´s country, America.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

  1. The story takes place at a Café in Lahore. There is information about when the story takes place, but what we do know, is that it after the 9/11 incident in 2001, so the story takes place somewhere between 2001 and 2007.  The main story takes place in one day.
  2. The inciting incident is when Changez contacts the American and starts a conversation with him. The main conflict is the 9/11 incident, this is what, in my opinion, changed everything, for instance Erica.
  3. The main personal traits of Changez is that he is very mysterious and creepy and some points. He also has strong opinions about for example wearing his beard even though he was told to shave. He is very hard working and stubborn, for instance he refuse to give up on Erica even though she does not want him. Flat characters in the story are the American and Jim, Changez´s boss. We do not receive much information about these two, especially the American, he is very anonymous and does not even talk in the book. Round characters in the book are Erica and I would say Changez himself as well. Changez tells us a lot about Erica and her personal life, everything going on with Chris and her being sick. I would say Changez is a round person, because he does talk about his life, his family, his work and his love life, but at the same time, he holds back a lot of information about himself. Changez is defiantly a character that changes, he goes from living in New York and loving that lifestyle, until 9/11 when everything changes and he starts disliking Americans. Erica also changes, she was healthy and happy when we first met her, but later in the book, after 9/11, she started missing Chris again and became mentally sick and became a different person.
  4. I would say the narrative style, first person, is predominant in the story. The whole story is being told from Changez´s point of view. By using this narrative style, the author achieves more tension in the story, it makes it feel like Changez is talking to the reader and that makes the reader feel more dragged into the story. If it was a different narrator style, it would not be as exciting, because you would not feel dragged into the story, and the story would have less suspense in my opinion.
  5. The themes that I notice in the story is 9/11, racism, hate, love and multiculturalism. The ideas behind these themes that the author raises and explores are for instance 9/ 11, how people react to terrorism and how terrorisms effects the people in the affected country, and also how it could change people´s point of views about such as muslims and other cultures and religions. As Changez said in the book, after 9/11 many people started hating on muslims and innocent muslims were attacked and exposed to racism.